Kingfisher Lavender Farm


We have 21 species of lavender in our fields along with a large variety of flowers for fresh cut bouquets. These products are available for your enjoyment throughout the summer and fall.

Riverina Thomas

A new tripod French lavender with large flowers that yields 5 times the oil of their parent types. Reblooms and their dried make excellent potpourri.


Mauve flowers on long flower spikes, the sweetest scented of the Lavandins Excellent for potpourris, lavender wands and savory culinary dishes.

Gros Bleu

An introduction from France with unique dark violet-blue flowers on 12-15” stems in July-August, tight silver foliage, forms a neat mound, dries well.


A commercial cultivar raised in France for oil production, tight silver foliage 12-15” flower spikes of violet flowers emerging from heather-gray buds, beautiful fan like blooming habit and very fragrant.

Impress Purple

One of the darker flowered Lavandins, forms a compact silvery Shrub with 12-15” flower spikes, wonderful fragrance, great for lavender wands.


A splendid fan shaped shrub forming a perfect dome of fragrant White flowers on long spikes in July gray-green foliage.

Ana Luisa

Silvery white felted foliage, 12-14” flower stems topped with Large flowers throughout the summer, vigorous grower.

Tucker’s Early Purple

Named after Bruce & Annita’s youngest son Tucker (not really but don’t tell him) This lavender has dark purple flower buds and dark violet flowers on 10-12” stems, long blooming and very fragrant.

Melissa Lilac

A unique lavender, flowers have furry calyces and a powder purple color. Compact growth habit and sweet fragrance, makes a nice essential oil.

Royal Velvet

A compact gray foliage velvety deep purple flowers on 12-14’ stems very fragrant excellent for dried floral bouquets used in sachets and to make lavender wands.

New Zealand Blue

A New Zealand lavender that has gray-green foliage and a compact growth habit. The flowers are violet blue on sturdy 10-12” stems that bloom throughout the summer and are sweetly scented.


Goodwin Creek Gardens in Williams, OR. introduced in 1999, it was selected for its unique flowers of pink and white, compact growth habit, sweetly fragrant, and culinary quality.


A French lavender from before 1959. Blooms once in the spring and has 10-12” stems on gray-green foliage. Maillette is considered one of the best angustifolia for oil distillation and Annita’s favorite.

Irene Doyle

Also known as “Two Seasons” A prolific dark purple bloomer with 10-12” stems with a very desirable fragrance. Produces two full blooms during the growing season.

Hidcote Pink

A pink lavender with a compact flower head and a deeper color than the “Jean Davis”, compact gray-green foliage, sweet fragrance excellent oil plant.


This is a true Hidcote from England, a much better plant than the Hidcote strain often grown from seed, slow grower, prized for its compact silver foliage, deep purple flowers, and fragrance.


Bright violet flowers on 12” stems, neat compact growth habits, very fragrant, makes stunning fresh cut bouquets in early spring.

Egerton Blue

An Australian lavender with a bushy habit and dense gray-green foliage, very fragrant dark violet flowers on 10-12” spikes, used as an ornamental and oil plant.

Celestial Star

An upright vase shaped plant with dense green foliage, fragrant white flowers on 12-15” stems, striking for hedges, good for crafting.

Buena Vista

An Oregon Lavender with medium purple flowers. Stem length 10-12” blooms continuously starting in spring. Buena Vista is known for its sweet fragrance and is a good choice for culinary use.

Avice Hill

A New Zealand lavender with beautiful dark purple flowers on 10-12” stems, excellent for ornamental and hedging purposes, originally selected for lovely fragrance, used as an oil plant and a good culinary lavender.